Saturday, 19 January 2013

So, I'm back to work.

Here in Canada, when you have a baby, you can take a year of parental leave. I found after having Sweet Pea that the year was great, but I just wasn't ready to be apart from her yet. I had a rough time acclimating to my work environment. But - it happened, and we all got used to it.
And then along came Boober. Boober had a rough start. It was a long time between his birth, and the point where I felt like I could really sit back and enjoy him. It had always been our intention that I would try for an additional year of leave, but I found that when December 2011 came I was so unwilling and not at all ready to return to work that I just don't know what I would have done if they had called me back right away.
But I was lucky. I got an additional year of unpaid leave. And so I didn't have to leave Boober until just a few days ago. At first when they called me back in, I pretty heart-broken. And then I felt unbelievably guilty about feeling heartbroken. I know there are parents all over the place who would give just about anything to have 2 repercussion-free years home with their little ones. But still, as hard I tried to just be grateful for the 25.5 months I spent home with my babies, I couldn't stop a few tears from springing to my eyes as I thought about their days with a babysitter. And then we made another decision -- that I would switch to part-time employment. I applied, my employer granted the application, and starting tomorrow I will be a part-time employee.
This means I'll be working some truly horrible shifts -- 4pm - midnight. But it also means that I get to be home. With my children. Still involved in their daily lives. And not paying a fortune in daycare. Which is great, because for the shift I worked on Thursday after all costs I went to work for a few dollars. And that just stings.

So yeah. I'm back to work. The return this time was just as anti-climactic as the last time. And now I need lots of crockpot dinner recipes for Mr. Wonderful . . . 3 nights a week he's on his own, and I want to make it easier on him!

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Anonymous said...

You are one wonderful lady. I really admire your approach and yes, you're right. Many would have been thrilled with your situation...but so were you. And..the best thing is that you recognize your good fortune! There are many in this world who never see how good life is to them. Enjoy the new shift..and have a blast on your times around home.