Thursday, 8 December 2011

Stocking for Boober!

Boober was born on December 10 last year. Yes, he arrived before Christmas -- but we completely ignored his arrival for his first Christmas. There were a lot of valid reasons.

In all honesty, I think of this year as Boober's first Christmas. We've picked up some fun stuff for him. I think he'll have a great day. And now I've made him a perfectly lovely stocking - and I hope he'll like it!

First, I took Mr. Wonderful's stocking - which is the perfect shape and size - and used it as a template.

Once I had the pattern, I cut out: 2 of the patterned fabric, 2 'warm and natural' cotton batting and 2 plain inside pieces. 
Then I immediately messed everything up by doing this:


Yeah . . . don't do that. If you do that, you get this:
Instead, put the patterned pieces right sides together, INSIDE the batting. Then when you turn it right side out, you'll get this:

 Sew together the plain lining pieces. Don't turn the piece after you've sewn it, just shove it in there and smooth everything out.
Then I took a length of ribbon, and some furry trim I had on hand, and I eyeballed out the trim. Inside the stocking, I layered the ribbon and the trim, then sewed around. It looked like this:

Then I just flipped everything to the outside, et voila!
I was definitely inspired by a tutorial I saw online - but I couldn't be bothered to look it up to follow the directions. Maybe this is mostly the same, maybe it isn't. I don't even know - because I never got past reading the materials section of that tutorial. 
So . . . enjoy! I have a bunch more of these to whip up.


Kaye said...

Ha ha! I know the feeling. I've got a lot of "Baby's First Xmas" pictures with a zonked out 6 day old Mooch!

I tried making a stocking for Chunky once...yeah, Boober's blows that thing out of the water!!

Anonymous said...

LOL...well mess ups and all it ended up just fine and I'm sure he'll enjoy it for years to come. I reaally like the idea of the fur around the top..Bonus!