Monday, 22 August 2011

Start-itis, Finish-itis, and sewing in general

The weather is getting cooler. By cooler, I mean TOLERABLE. Finally.
This means one thing to me and my brain. It's time. Time to plan new things, start new things, and finish all the things that have been hanging over my head for the past 3 or 4 months. This is how we come to have in-numerable sets of knitting needles and balls of yarn scattered around our house. They keep the piles of fabric good company. And all the spools of thread? I hear those keep . . . umm . . . MICE! Yes, mice . . . away.

So my current queue/work list is starting to look pretty insurmountable.
Dolls. Lots and lots of dolls because I'm really hoping for a guest spot with the Stitch & Kitsch this year. I need to bring along like . . . 15 - 20 dolls.
Doll clothes for the same reason.
Small stuffed animals.
My entire knitting queue (20-some items) call my name. I really want to make some more socks. And knit some toys for some kids who lost their 6 year old sister in a car accident this summer. And knit pants for my tiny son that will actually fit him. He's very tall and thin. And I owe my nephew a sweater. And I'd love some new fingerless gloves for me.
But if I cast all of that on -- yikes. So I've been really trying to finish a few things. I got Boober's sweater done.

IMAG0747.jpgAlign Center
I really like it!
Enough that I'm planning on making a few more in different colours and sizes.

This yarn (Spud & Chloe Sweater) is my new favourite. I've purchased a fair bit of it in the recent past. It's nice and soft, and thick and works up (and WEARS) beautifully.

I've also made strides on my Knitted Companion Cube. Inspired by the recent birth of a friend's baby, I cranked out the remaining duplicate stitch, blocked the remaining sides, and seamed 4/6 of the blocks this weekend.


I'm waiting on the 2 pinned sides there to dry completely, then I can complete the seaming (which I actually find enjoyable. I know. Weird) and stuff the bugger.

And I got more done on the Sk8r.


Clearly not even close yet, but it's progressing.

I need to focus on 2 special projects for a while now . . . I wonder if I can be somewhat monogamous for a while.

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Anonymous said...

Okay...I'll bite...what's a sk8r?
I haven't a clue! Boober looks happy with his new sweater too *smile* you sound like a busy's to you! May your days stretch out to at least 28 hours each..and even a few hours to sleep. !~kwgma