Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Nursing the distracted nurser.

Boober's stream of conciousness:
I'm hungry! Oh good, boobies. Ah, that's good milk, yum yum yum. Hey, that looks like fun. ::pop:: is it more fun than boobies? ... nope. ::latch:: Milk, milk, milk. I love milk. Hey, what is Sweet Pea doing? ::Turns to look, yanking nipple:: What's mommy's problem? Yeesh! ... Boobs! ::latch:: Milk is good, but there is something better. Food! Food is better because you can smear it in your hair and eyebrows, and hide it in your ears and nostrils. Is there any food around? ::pop:: Nope, I don't see anything but this boob ::latch:: Oh milk. I do like milk. Hey what's that noise?! ::pop:: ::looks around:: I don't see anything . . . HEY! WHERE'D MY BOOB GO?! WAHHHHHHH!! WAHHHHHHH! ::latch:: Can you even believe that? Why would you put away the boob when I am clearly still using it? Cripes. Slurp, slurp. Sweet Pea has a neat toy. ::pop:: Oh, I remember that toy, I've seen it before . . . when you push the button . . . yup, when you push the button a song comes on. Oh right, boobs. ::latch:: Hey, this boob is making me sleepy. ::pop:: Maybe if I fuss a little it will keep me awake. Fuss. Yup, that's better. ::latch:: Oh no, sleepy again. ::pop:: fuss. ::latch:: Oh . . . man . . . zzzzzzz.

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Anonymous said...

I love it!! just seems I really remember that far back@!! hahahaha
Nahh...I'm too old but Boober's not!