Friday, 27 August 2010

Lucky Number Thirteen! And some knitting.

Seems like all I blog about lately are dolls. Seems like all I've done for a while is sew dolls. I'm not complaining - this is good news! I'm just sorry I'm not more interesting.

Suddenly I'm in a doll dry spot - which is probably for the best since I'm running low on interlock (skin) and stockinette again, and I'm nearly out of wool stuffing . . . but it kind of makes me sad at the same time. I wish I were enjoying the success of Bamboletta, Fig and Me, Dragonfly's Hollow . . . but for some reason, my dolls aren't really moving. Of the 13 dolls I've made, five were sold. 2 are hanging around waiting to be sold. The rest were given away - except Beebie. She's still here. Anyway, you didn't click this way to watch me mope . . but if you have a few moments, check out my shop here and tell me if you can why these dolls aren't going anywhere. Should I just chalk it up to being new on the scene? Is something terribly wrong and I've over-looked it? What's the deal?

Doll #13! Beth-Anne.

Beth-Anne 004

Oh yeah, she's cute! Of the 5 dolls that have sold, 3 are this pattern - the 10" jointed doll. It seems to be a favourite.

I also did some knitting in the past week. Since we now know the gestating addition is a boy, I was able to get some nice boy coloured yarn, and queued some nice boy type patterns . . . and I knit this:

Beth-Anne 011

Baby Sophisticate. And it's darn cute too. Still needs buttons (gimme a break! This time last week I was still pondering yarn choices!), and a blocking - but I can't wait to see it on my tiny baby son!


Abi (rav :lavababy) said...

Ooh I love the baby sophisticate it's gorgeous.
Don't worry I think your dolls are really really fab, it's probably as you said, awareness. It's the same thing with some yarn dyers selling out in minutes while others struggle to shift things.
If I were you I'd keep getting picture of them on ravelry and in the appropriate ravelry groups. Beyond that it's maybe craft fairs etc so people can see and touch.
Anyway well done and keep up the good work!

Alrischa said...

Congrats on your upcoming boybub, which I somehow missed! It's fun to knit for boys, and they look so good in little knitted jumpers :D Very nice green on that first one.

Leslie said...

Love the dress on this doll!

and is that the same wool that you used to knit Buddy's first little peapod sweater?? I LOVED that material!

Stickyfingers said...

Nope Leslie, it isn't. It's actually Mission Falls wool - cotton just wouldn't be warm enough on a wee December baby. Buddy's first pea pod was mercerized cotton - and I loved it too!! Sweet Pea had a pea pod of her own made to match (except your buttons were way cooler).

Leslie said...

Ah, that is true... the colour in the photo looks very similar!!