Saturday, 24 July 2010

Dolls # 9 and 10

A while back, I finished 2 more dolls. Then I took a few months to clothe and detail them fully.

They're probably my best and favourite dolls to date. You can find them for sale in my Etsy shop, if you so desire.

Doll # 9: Henry.
The jury was out on Henry until his cheeks were blushed. This is the final step. Until I did it, I was reasonably certain that I hated him. Now, he's my favourite doll. I love his little bug shirt, and his wild hair, and his peachy skin tone. He's awesome. He's also pretty large - finding a box to fit him has been problematic. I can buy one if/when the time comes to ship him to a new home.

Doll #10: still nameless.

A friend of mine suggested Thomas, and I feel like she was on the right track . . . but just a smidge off the mark.
His pattern (including clothing) is totally my own fabrication - and he's pretty cute if I may say so. Mr. Wonderful says this little guy is his favourite. His hair line looks a little off to me.

Doll #11 is currently in progress - needs legs, hair and clothes and then she's done. I had to make this one to replace Rachel in the Etsy shop. Rachel is on her way to her new home . . . in Belgium! That doll is going to be better traveled than I am!


etcgirl said...

How about "Thomson"?

Anonymous said...

How's about Winston?? looks great to me...*smile*..or maybe you're not even looking for a name..sorry..I still think he looks great tho...*smile*

Stickyfingers said...

The little nameless fellow has been purchased. His name (given by his Belgian daddy) is Thibaut. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!!! May Thibaut enjoy his travels and his new home!! And... Congrats to you on another sale! way to go!!kwgma