Friday, 4 June 2010


We are overrun. Completely, fully overrun.

With Toys.

It's impossible to keep an area clean when there are a million toys in it! I swear we clean the living room 10 times a day. But then Sweet Pea wants to play with her zoo, or pulls out all the stuffies, and we're right back at square one.

Sweet Pea is turning 2 at the beginning of July. She will doubtless receive lots of new toys. She already has too many toys. So I have started culling the herd, so to speak. Last weekend, I reduced the stuff in her toy tub by 1/2. She didn't notice. This weekend, I'll eliminate a little more. I bet she won't notice. Hopefully, we'll be able to hold steady at the insane volume of toys we have NOW for after her birthday.

You think I can convince people to give her pajamas instead??


canadacole said...

I feel your pain!

(Times 3)

Leslie said...

We have the same problem!!

I plan on doing a massive de-cluttering this weekend while Daddy & Chuck are away!

Leslie said...

Oh, and chuck went through her own stuffies the other night, and only kept three out of the entire tub!!

Stickyfingers said...

Cole: this is my concern. What happens when we add more to the mix?

Leslie: I can't wait 11 years for the stuffies to deplete! I took more away this morning. I can sort of move around the living room again!

Alrischa said...

My chickie is 2 on July 8. She has a 3year old brother and a 4 month old one. Our house is THREE TIMES worse than that! LOL! Don't feel bad (and don't spend all day cleaning 10 times).

Isn't it hard not to frown at relatives who give 100-piece toys, that you know will be spread everywhere...over and over? LOL. GO BOOKS!!

Tracy and her crew said...

Same problem here but my girl is ten! She is a hoarder in the making I swear but we made a Major Breakthrough the other day when she decided she was "not into princesses anymore" and she helped me go through her room and pitch all princess stuff and a few others things. One whole garbage bag and two big boxes later and her room is the best I have seen in years.

The toys can get really out of hand. Good for you, for keeping on top of it. Had I been more persistent I doubt it would have become so bad.

Anonymous said...

LOL and didn't you have fun sorting thru all the goodies!! I'll try not to send you more too soon!~ mommapea