Thursday, 22 October 2009

Omg, I suck.

I've been so ridiculously busy. If I can't do it in front of the tv, with my hands full . . . . it's not getting done. And that means blogging. AND reading blogs! I just did 2 weeks worth of catching up.

On the go:

Two Waldorf dolls. One is done, but needs clothes. One has a head, stuffed arms and legs, and needs the rest done.
Another kit is (I suspect) waiting at the post office for pick up.
Another kit is waiting at my mom's house for pick up. It will queue up behind the other dolls who all have little people waiting for them.
I hope to get some pics and share them soon. Sadly, it's always dark when I'm home - doesn't make for great photos.

2 Wee girl knits. This one:

is killing me. It's been ongoing for far too long. I started sleeves today. It had better be done soon. Otherwise, she will never fit it.

The blue dress is definitely parked for the time being. I seriously have no time, and it's for summers yet to come anyway.

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