Friday, 28 December 2007

Harpy Holidaze

Pics would be nice, wouldn't they? Well Too Bad! I don't have any!

I'm all tuckered out after a week of non-stop running. Why do they call them holidays? They don't feel like a holiday! They feel like running around to please everyone else! We've been booked solid from last Sunday on . . . and tomorrow? . . . another gathering. Cripes.

Christmas was nice. I can't really complain. Well . . except that brother's wife was a real pain in the ass, all grumpy and whatnot. And as for Mr. Wonderful's family, I just want everyone to tend their OWN children! (Cross my fingers I don't turn into a hypocrite in exactly one year). Gifts were exchanged, merriment was made, etc. It was pleasant.

My mother paid me a very big compliment -- although not to me, and not in a way she thought I would hear either. She told my brother that she doesn't care for handmade gifts, except from me - because my workmanship is always so good. She said I'm the only one she knows who can do a better job than her. Dude, that's HUGE.

And in pregnancy news: Sprout is doing well, with no neural tube defects. (S)he is absolutely charming on ultrasound, and has very cute knees.

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